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Auctus Security


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Armed Site Security

Experience peace of mind with our highly trained armed security personnel who are dedicated to safeguarding your premises and assets. Auctus Security's armed site security services provide a robust defense against potential threats, ensuring a safe environment for your business or event.

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Unarmed Site Security

Our unarmed site security team offers a professional and non-confrontational approach to maintaining security on your property. With their watchful eyes and excellent communication skills, they provide a reassuring presence that deters unauthorized access and incidents.

School Security

At Auctus Security, we prioritize the safety of students and educators. Our school security services combine expert personnel with tailored security plans to create secure learning environments, giving parents and school staff peace of mind.

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Executive Protection

For high-profile individuals and corporate executives, Auctus Security offers discreet yet effective executive protection services. Our trained professionals provide personalized security solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients at all times.

National & International Partner Services

With our extensive network of global security partners, Auctus Security extends its services beyond state and national borders. Whether you need security support abroad or require assistance with international travel security, we have you covered.

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Security Consulting

Tap into our wealth of knowledge and industry expertise with Auctus Security's security consulting services. Our experienced consultants can assess your security needs, identify vulnerabilities, and recommend customized solutions to enhance your security posture and protect your interests.

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